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Memory Lane

How about a stroll through ClubKayak.com memory lane? It all started in June 1999 with Ed Schessl's Central Florida Kayak Trips website. Within a few months of posting the first trip report, Ed was hooked on building paddling websites. Something bigger was looming on the horizon and on December 31, 1999 Club Kayak launched. Not without fierce debate on being the last website in old millennium or the first website in the new one. The old timers won and we went live hours before midnight.

Below you'll see a few of the different looks Club Kayak has had over the years. Remember any of them? After hundreds, if not thousands of hours of paddling, writing and coding HTML, we certainly do.

Here's to another ten years and maybe even a few more designs. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments about ClubKayak.com, email us.

ClubKayak.com Website Designs

1999: Where it all began

1999 Home Page

2001: Rounded corners and color scheme

2001 Home Page

2003: Focus on Handheld PDAs

2003 Home Page

2004: Our 5th Birthday - December 31, 2004

2004 Home Page

2005: This design lasted about 3 months

2005 Home Page

2006: Get a FREE website for your club

2006 Home Page

2007: More photos and even more color

2007 Home Page

2009: The 10th Anniversary Edition

2009 Home Page

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