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Lookin For Camp Spots On Santa Fe

Post By:joepatterson226 on 2/16/2018 7:23pmicon
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Hello. I am trying to plan a 5 day trip to north central and central FL to do a 50 mile canoe trip with boy scouts. I have sketched up plans, but need to know a few details. Our plan is to do the lower half of the Santa Fe, starting at river rise and going to the Suwannee, then doing about 20 miles on the Suwannee.

So a few questions:

Can you primitive camp at the river rise equestrian park if you aren't bringing horses to do the horseback trails?

We would like to do about 15 miles the first day, is there primitive camping at Santa Fe River County Park? If not where could we camp nearby?

Is Gornto Springs park open in the first week of April?

We will be packing tents for our nights of camping.

Any other tips or suggestions are appreciated. We normally do a 50 mile section of the Suwannee and stay at the river camps, but we like to change up this trip year to year.


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