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FS: H800 Or Equivalent (Trade For Beats?)

Post By:ryancaleb on 12/6/2017 3:35amicon
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For Sale: H800 or equivalent (trade for Beats?)
City: California

My Contact Info

Name: Ryan Caleb
Email: Me

Looking for a decent quality Bluetooth/wireless headphone with mic for use with Skype on desktop/iPad movie watching etc. Seems that recently, they’ve had some issues with the H600 line so I’d rather grab the H800. If you have something similar, let me know.

Please note - I don’t have a Bluetooth card in my desktop so I need something that comes with either a small USB transmitter like the Logitech products do or a Bluetooth transmitter. As always, please let me know your asking price in the PM. I have a BNIB sealed set of Beats headphones if you want to try a trade. GTA only?

Please help.

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