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Looking For Diesel Mpv With At

Post By:ryancaleb on 12/5/2017 3:26amicon
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I drive a Hyundai i20 (petrol) 2011 model and looking to upgrade to a top-model diesel MPV (7 seater). My priorities are auto-transmission, solid build, decent mileage, great support, fine interiors with touchscreen multimedia and reverse parking camera and climate control among other default features of a modern car. My budget is 12-14 lacs. Is there anything coming soon from Hyundai stable? I really like Hyundai Creta, but a 5 seater at this price range is not justified. A 7 seater Creta is scheduled around 2021. Can't wait that long. A viable option is Honda Mobilio RS diesel, but that doesn't have an AT and climate control. Same goes with Ertiga. I dont want to settle with likes of Renault and Nissan. Mahindra Scorpio and XUV500 gives all that I want but is beyond budget, low on mileage and high on running cost. Is there any option left for me?

Please help.

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