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What To Do With The Vehicle Parked On A Long Trip?

Post By:ryancaleb on 12/3/2017 11:24pmicon
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I believe the most helpfully thing I do is I take the roof racks off and stick them in the truck bed or back of the van, leaving just the little Thule Tracker II posts or a naked rain gutter to show.

I do appreciate having easy to remove roof racks. Empty canoe racks at a put in, especially a tripping put in, is like a sign saying Off paddling, help yourself. With no paddler rack signal on the roof I could presumably be nearby, returning from a walk or taking a leak in the woods. A couple weeks parked in the same place, meh, not so much.

Even if parked more briefly on a day trip those towers and crossbars are pricey; it would really suck to come off a trip and have no practical way to transport the canoe. Even with “locking” crossbars any of the manufactured gunwale stops or cradle accessories are as simple as unscrew and run.

No, I’m not paranoid. I have been cleaned out five times, albeit always in urban areas. Once they actually came close to cleaning it, taking all of the trash off the floor. If they had used a vacuum, some Windex and a rag I’d have paid them for detailing it.

What do you do, besides try not to think about it?

Please help.

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