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What Can Tulane Do?

Post By:ryancaleb on 12/1/2017 3:52amicon
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I know the season is over. But given what was at stake yesterday, someone should be terminated. The person or persons involved should be fired. In my profession, if I made a similar type mistake I would be gone.

What is Tulane going to do about this? What will the AAC do about it? If we want to be in the group of P6, this cannot be tolerated. A message must be sent. If this would have happened in the Alabama-Auburn game, we know what would happen.

I have yet to see one person say this was the correct call. Not one. Dannen should make a public comment. He owes it to the coaches, the fans, and most of all the players. He has to let the Tulane community know he has their backs and will not let this die. Will it change our situation, no, but it will let everyone in the country know we have say so in the matter and that Tulane athletics matter.

Out of curiosity, has the New Orleans TV or radio market said anything or is this the same we donít give sh** attitude we usually get from them where national forums are covering it more than the outlets in our own backyard.

Please help.

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