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Report By:  gbailey    Date: 8/7/2004 
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Paddle from Palm Valley Rd. (Nocatee Pkwy) to Pine Island

My Report:

by Franklin Dickinson

The Club had an unusually small turnout for this trip. Sixteen of the Club's one hundred plus strong and courageous members attended the fray. They included: our great, "I'll only run for two terms", President and his wife, Larry and Cynthia; Alan; Big John and his track star (wife) Gloria; Stalwart Jerry and sweetheart Naida ( who paddle love testifying identical Seda sit on tops; Guru Chuck " I' m going back now" Gandy; the Traveling Man,"I may some day go back to work", Gus; the always Beautiful Ruth; Steady Keith; "My rack now works so I'm going paddling" Leah; "Now that I have a fast boat I'll stay in front for a while" Laura; Big Tom, who is proving that if you use your fancy Current Design Extreme five times in five years it will stay like new; and lastly, our resident Never say die doctor and Master wooden boat builder Bob the paddling machine. Bob, intending to make an Olympic run brought his new wing paddle.
We put in at the opulent white sand beach under the 210 Bridge. Both Gus and Larry remarked on the quality of the sand and Gus chose to take several sandlefulls with him on the paddle. We had a mild Northeaster blowing yet the group none the less chose to paddle, undaunted by these boring conditions. The cool refreshing breeze blew at our backs at an almost imperceptible thirty m.p.h. The intra coastal current, moving in an opposing direction to the wind, created small almost unnoticeable standing waves up to two feet for our enjoyment. When the many polite yachtsmen and there rather large yachts went by, they'd smile, wave and never slow down. Their wakes, added to the standing waves, increased the wave height to an almost interesting four feet. But it was still kind of our fellow boatmen who must have known our strong desire to ride these waves. (A truly thoughtful gesture on their part) I thought. Of course none of the above bothered or impressed our expert group even the slightest and we merrily traveled on in a tight pack. It's important to note our group never paddles on until every member is in their boats and on the water. Courtesy always prevails. We all thought Jerry was showing off a bit much traversing the waterway back and forth the way he did, effectively doubling his mileage. Not only did Jerry prove that he was indeed a great physical specimen but that he truly loves the wildlife on both shores equally. Sadly I was relegated to being the sweep so most of the time our speed demons were far ahead of me. Of course they (always kept me in view and waited for me often). Gus had brought his " summer boat" a Seda sit on top and he later regretted that he did not bring his fancy QCC 500, which he thought would have been ideal for the leisurely conditions. Laura, not paddling her usual bath tub she lovingly calls a boat, instead paddled her rocketship Epic 18. Most of us never got a chance to talk to her and only got to see the back of her red head ( a trip leader has been born). Laura decided the air temperature was a little high (mid 80's) and stopped to take a swim twice. Always polite and not wanting to slow the group down, she waited until we arrived at Pine Island to take her dips. Not desiring to appear rude and make Laura swim alone, Leah decided to join her. Both women seemed to enjoy their refreshing swim immensely but to my dismay no other members seemed to feel a need to join them. They must have felt the weather was just fine. Larry again paddled his speed machine, the Ugly Ducking, a.k.a. the Mariner and Cynthia faithfully paddled another equally beautiful and like kind boat. John, his wife Gloria, Ruth and Keith showed their strong financial support of Impex. John's and Gloria's ,a marital bonding, identical boat. John thought the wave riding was a fun sideline and proved that the English boat snobs (no rudders) could easily take long wave to wave rides without the use of a rudder. This delighted Larry who still won't let Cynthia have an Epic 18 because it carries just such an eye sore on it's stern. Who would have thought it possible that these British boats could travel down wind in following seas and in a straight line ( at least as straight as a southerner can draw it). In these gentle following breezes and seas both Leah and Tom mutually decided to get their rudders wet. I thought this a sign of great intelligence which I'm positive it was. Tom and Leah's high I.Q. was further proven to me by the fact that their boats had these high tech options. As typical, nothing fazed Ruth and she stayed with her man, Keith, or at least within view of her significant other. It's just a very thoughtful act that she wears those rear view mirrors on her sunglasses so she can actually see Keith. Keith on the other hand never put his paddle down and proved that steady is the course. After stopping for a gourmet lunch the group took a vote and the majority decided that to prove what an elite club we belong to, that this band of semi-professional paddlers would travel a short distance further, take out at a posh waterfront boating facility and call one of the group's chauffeurs to come and collect them, taking them all back to their vehicles in style. What an impressive club we belong to. I'm sure there is no other club who even has a member's wife who would lovingly and willingly do such a selfless act on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Bob, the paddling machine and I decided to paddle back (to make sure there were not any stranded jet skiers on these waters who might need our assistance). None did, but I thought Bob's heroic gesture was impressive and showed his thoughtfulness to have even suggested such a kindness. Further proof of our club's nobility and the high character traits of kayakers.
In conclusion, it's important to note nobody died ( on this trip), there were no casualties, a good time was had by all and several paddling records were unofficially broken. Another wasted Saturday paddling the wonderful Florida waterways with Florida's finest and most elite paddlers, members of the Florida Sea Kayaking Association, Inc.

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Post Date: 3/1/2009

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