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Report By:  gbailey    Date: 1/30/2005 
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Paddle from Blue-N-Hall marina to Sapelo Island

My Report:

by Franklin Dickinson

Doctor Bob, Greg, Richard, Dana, John and I met "on time" at 7:00 am at the Ga. Welcome Center and then traveled north to Meridian, Ga. We were the Key Stone Cops trying to find a place to put in: five cars, five stops (in which we all got out...except Dana), we passed each other coming and going (Dana finally quite following us in and just waited for us to return with a half smirk/half smile on his face)...a lot of fun just trying to figure it all out. I thought Dana and Richard were going to mutiny. Thank God they didn't. Dana is way too big! Dana grumbled something several times about he being able to sleep in for a couple of extra hours and still making the paddle on time. But, after all, it WAS a reconnaissance paddle. As always, Greg, John and Doc just went with the flow. At' a boy! The paddle out was eleven and one half miles. Strong winds, threatening skies and ripping currents made for an interesting crossing of the sound. Doby Sound has the largest tidal range in the south east, 7.5 ft. Needless to say, getting to the island took no time at all. We found the place where the Baileys (not our Bailey) told us we could get was probably a great place twenty years ago (totally inaccessible). We then paddled toward the ocean but stopped just short on the southern end of the island (Dana had to make a "disappearance" in the worst kind of way). He was also ready to eat lunch, NOW. Greg and Richard continued for some time looking (Greg always the optimist) for another place to take out. None was found. Dana, Doc, John and I sheltered ourselves behind a sand dune to have lunch but Greg and Richard found us anyway. During lunch, Richard even managed to gag himself into convulsions and a throw up session in which he actual encouraged us to apply the Heimlich (sp?) maneuver. Our lunch was even exciting! For your information, Georgia muck looks just like Florida muck. On the inside, Sapelo Island is not very kayak friendly. We did not find an adequate place to take out for a large camping party. We did meet six kayak instructors from the Tybee (sp?) Island kayak shop (Sea kayak Georgia, I think?, forgot the name, well known kayak shop). They had been kayak camping for six days (though to look at them you'd never know it). Sometimes commando camping. Most were in their early twenties. All were very nice. All had great equipment. Several could have been models. They corporately looked like a kayak commercial. Polar opposites from our motley group of the middle aged "rag tags". BUT, we proudly were there too! Good for us. They were on there way back to the Meridian Dock which would end their camping trip. Greg, John, Doc and I (sadly) walked 9.5 miles to find Hog Hammock. Richard made part of the trip but when he extrapolated the possible distance, turned back. Dana just smiled and said "I'll wait with the boats". John commented to Doc about how he wishes that when he's Doc's age, he'd be able to do so much (kind of like telling someone they look good for there age). John's point was true none the less as Doc, whether walking or paddling seemed to set the pace. Note, Greg and John made this "four man march" wearing kayaking water socks, very impressive! John didn't have any other shoes with him on this trip, but Greg brought his hundred dollar hiking boats, what was he thinking? Towards the end, all started whining about sore feet, miles and muscles, all except for Doc. Not a word from him. We never found the Baileys or the camp ground. The one person in Hog Hammock we did find was very unhelpful and rude! Not good. Always hopeful, we thought maybe we'd catch a ride back to the boats. It sadly was not to happen. After a very short rest and preparation (thanks John), we paddled back in calm water. The tide had switched. The skies had cleared. The wind had stopped. The sun was setting. Dolphin were everywhere and the sounds of their activity carried a far distance in the still evening. All was well here on earth. Heaven must be like this, incredible and unexplainable. We got back after dark using gps's and head lights. This added a great dimension to the paddle. This paddle truly was not replaceable and was the perfect way to end the year!

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Distance (miles): 16
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Sapelo Island No Comm
Sapelo Island

lunch break

Sapelo Island No Comm
Sapelo Island

lunch break for him too

Sapelo Island No Comm
Sapelo Island

the setting sun

Sapelo Island No Comm
Sapelo Island

peaceful end of year

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Special InterestsSapelo Island, GA

Post Date: 2/23/2009

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