FSKA Trip Guidelines

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The following guidance is to permit potential trip participants to judge the suitability of a scheduled trip for them.

All FSKA paddle trips are designed primarily for sea or touring kayaks. White water, ocean kayaks designed for wave surfing or other types may not be suitable for safe and enjoyable participation. When other than sea or touring kayaks are considered permissible, it will be specifically noted.

All participants should carry the following minimum equipment: PFD, whistle, water, sun protection, spare/protective clothing in cold weather.

Trip leaders will require participants cooperation in wearing PFD's, maintaining group cohesion, and observance of safety practices as conditions mandate. Trip leaders plan trips based on reasonable expectation of the conditions that will be prevalent at the time of the trip. However, weather conditions can change suddenly and are obviously beyond the leader's control.

Participants are responsible for assessing their own capabilities and ensuring they are capable of safely completing the trip. If in doubt, the participant should notify the trip leader before embarking on the trip so the leader may either advise against participating, or assign a "buddy" or "sweep" to assist. Buddy/sweep assignment may be rotated among the capable paddlers on the trip.

1. Estimated distance & paddling time - (hours including rest breaks and lunch)

2. Water conditions

A. Protected/smooth
B. Open/smooth to minimal chop
C. Open/smooth to moderately rough
D. Open/smooth to rough

3. Current

A. None
B. Minimal
C. Moderate
D. Strong

4. Suitable for

A. Novices
B. Moderately capable paddlers
C. Experts

5. Other than sea/touring kayaks permitted

A. Yes
B. No

6. Other than sea/touring kayaks permitted

A. Yes
B. No

7. Planned rest stops

A. Yes
B. No

8. Special equipment/requirements for this trip

9. Availability of intermediate take-out/landing sites

A. Available
B. Possibly
C. None