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Heckle And 'jekyll'

Post By:andy on 2/27/2012 4:06am
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OK, don't heckle me, I forgot to put up the 'calendar' posting for the 2nd ABIS trip - around Jekyll, until now.
I thought that by putting up the forum posting (1/24 'Simply, Abismal'), the trips, by 'osmosis' would find their way over to the calendar.

Anyway, the 2nd ABIS trip is this Saturday.
It is the last 'intermediate' trip (the rest I've labelled 'advanced' due to the length & time 'at sea').
See the Calendar for details, see ' google' for all of the ABIS trips (click on the 'arrow' to the right of the trip name to zoom into trip)

If I don't see you Sat., will see you on Gregs paddle the following day (The Buckman Bridge Loop).


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