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Simply, Abismal

Post By:andy on 1/24/2012 3:53am
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The ABIS (around barier island series - pronounced 'abyss', hey, I made up the acronym, I get to say how it's pronounced) has returned this year - with 'More Around Loops', yes, that's right: ABIS-MAL

We'll start out the series this year with a couple shorter (intermediate) trips:
* Little Talbot (via Myrtle Creek). This will be the shortest (12-13miles) and easiest of the trips. If there are folks along uncomfortable with the sea conditions, we can go back via Simpson creek (though the ocean side is the best - the northern part of Little Talbot is beautiful by sea).

* Jekyll Island - the 'northernmost' BI of the series (and the 2nd GA island to be included). Not to scare anyone off - but, last year, on the ocean side of Jekyl is the first time in my paddling career that I've been 'bitten at' by a shark (he didn't want me - he wanted my paddle).

ABISMAL trips:
1) Little Talbot Island (13 miles) (2/11 10AM)
2) Jekyll Island (18 miles) (3/3 8:30AM)
3) Amelia Island (32 miles) (3/10 8AM)
4) AugMat BI (my name - StAug=>Matanzas) (34 miles) (4/1 7:30AM)
5) MosqDeLeon (my name - MosqLag=>PonceInlet) (38 miles) (5/12 4:30AM)
(with portage from ocean to Lagoon at boat ramp - end of A1a in park)
6) Cumberland Island (47 miles) (6/9 4AM)
7) JaxAug BI (my name - Jacksonville->StAug barrier island) (77 miles) (TBD)

* 1/2 IC paddling, 1/2 ocean paddling
* bring 'proper' equip - for conditions (lights - if trip is early or late, food, pain-killers (if you aren't used to long paddling hours), etc.)
* since I'm not a fast paddler, in order to finish in reasonable time - I don't stop, there will be no 'land' stops (last year, we 'broke' this rule for lunch - that's ok, if there's a good spot to stop)
* 'on water' stops every hour for 5 minutes, meals for 20-30 minutes

As these trips are a little out of the ordinary, I don't expect them to be the only one listed on the Calendar date. Please, don't worry about posting trips on the dates I've chosen.

routes shown on: google

Watch the Calendar (not up yet), will be up soon.


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RE: Simply, Abismal
Post By: gbailey on 1/24/2012 6:49pm

Love the acronym - quite the opposite of today's weather here in NE Florida: high near 80, very light winds and no bugs. Date is Jan. 24, 2012 .... mid-winter in most other places.
Gotta love it!

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RE: Simply, Abismal
Post By: lgordon on 1/24/2012 7:49pm

That's our Andy -- no wonder you're VP -- hope you have many to join you -- Larry

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RE: Simply, Abismal
Post By: tneiswonger on 1/31/2012 7:53pm

Put me down for all of your trips, oh wait I'm still in Oregon damn!! Okay maybe next year or so. I will be looking for your trip pictures. Tom

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