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Be The 1st...

Post By:andy on 12/28/2011 3:22pm
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to paddle around Cumberland Island in 2012.

Jan 1 - New Year - 2012
Fulfill your new year resolution to paddle around Cumberland Island --- on the 1st day.

I'm not putting this trip on the calendar due to the late date (this coming Sunday) and it's an 'advanced' trip.

Starting (at the relatively 'late' hour of): 5AM(high is at around 8, so will be going counter-clockwise; sea-leg first)
will take roughly 13 non-stop hours at a medium pace.

NOTE: I don't expect any 'takers', however, if there are any non-NYE-partiers out there, and if you are in shape for a 50 mile paddle (I know it's 'only' 47 miles, but - cold water, cool air, wet from waves - account for the other 3)
(will be starting in the dark, and, if conditions are not optimal, might be finishing in the dark)

If I don't see you Sunday morning, 4:30AM at the 14th St. parking lot (gps waypoint: N 30deg 41.76min W 81deg 27.56min), will see you at the January FSKA meeting on Tuesday.


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RE: Be The 1st...
Post By: tneiswonger on 12/31/2011 3:41pm

I would!!! but I'm still in Oregon, sounds like a great time, so take some pictures of the new year sun rise will ya!

Be safe and Happy New Year, to bad there isn't a trip on Sunday 1/15/12 I will be in town for a few days

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