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Message From Larry Gordon Part I

Post By:lgordon on 12/4/2011 1:02pm
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message from the FSKA President

Hello everyone.

As this year comes to an end, we need to start planning for a great paddling year -- last month at the FSKA annual business meeting in Salt Springs new officers were "elected":

Larry Gordon -- president -- the grey-headed old f**t (Q-tip) who was prez early in the last decade

Andy Mitchell -- VP --the fanatic who circumnavigates Cumberland Island once a month putting-in at 2AM, solo paddled the east coast of Australia (a few times) and circumnavigated Lake Superior (a few times), etc, etc

Greg Bailey -- Treasurer -- the glue of FSKA for the past several years who has been a great president and web master, prolific leader of very memorable day trips and camping trips, etc

Steve Huffman -- was encouraged to stay on as Librarian, an important responsibility keeping track of all the books, DVDs and other kayak related materials in our inventory -- Steve carts in the library to all monthly meetings for member use -- a partial listing of library items that can be checked out to members is on our website

At our meeting in Salt Springs we not only watched slides of Ric's month long visit to Finland, we also had an excellent discussion on steps needed to improve an already good kayak club -- this discussion needs to continue at our monthly meeting this Tuesday, your input would be most welcome -- the following random topics are intended to start the discussion:

Paddling Trips -- at one time we had over fifty trips in a year, can or should we reach this level again? -- presently we rely on only a few to lead trips, how can we increase the number of leaders to maybe ten or more? -- what mix should we have: beginner/intermediate/advanced, salt/fresh, day trips/extended camping, etc? -- how about joint trips with other paddling clubs? -- etc, etc

Monthly Meetings -- in addition to talking about what trips we've done since the last meeting and what trips are planned, how about having a specific topic for each meeting such as: resource guests from maybe the River Keepers, City Parks and Recreation (maybe we could have input into more and/or better kayak access to waterways), FL Paddling Trail Assoc, kayak fishing clubs, Sierra Club, etc; what about using DVDs from our library with member discussion?; presentations/demonstrations by members like what Greg has done in the past for packing a kayak for camping

Skills Development -- how involved should we be in developing paddling skills of members including proficiency in performing the assisted rescue requirement? -- should we encourage ACA and BCU training and certification?

Promotion and Membership -- should we promote FSKA through the media (print, internet, radio/TV? -- what about cards to hand out? new bumper stickers? new logo? recruiting events?

Web Site -- what do you think of our website? what improvements, if any, need to be made?

Bylaws -- you now have access to our Bylaws through our website -- what do you think? any changes that need to me made?

Library -- look at the partial list of DVDs, books and other materials in our library through our web site -- do you have suggestions on what needs to be added or how members can have better access to the library? -- do you have anything you'd like to donate? -- if you're interested in buying VCRs listed in the inventory, make an offer

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