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Circumnavigating Cumberland Island

Post By:knotbob on 9/20/2011 7:14pm
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Andy, i see why you can't get many people to paddle around Cumberland with you. You need to charge a big fee and then people will think it is worth the trip.

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RE: Circumnavigating Cumberland Island
Post By: andy on 9/22/2011 3:33am

Of course, on that trip you get to stop and smell the roses (or Horse's d'Oeuvrs)

I'm thinking of putting up a trip:
Be the Last and First.

A trip around on 12/31, and then a trip around 1/1.
(weather permitting)
I'll do both, open for anyone on either.

If I can find a place to stay (probably the state park) on NYEve, I may do it (though worried about 'partiers').


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RE: Circumnavigating Cumberland Island
Post By: knotbob on 9/26/2011 4:26pm

I met Tom Nickles at the Epic Kayak demo. He was just stopping by to say hey on the way to Sweetwater Kayaks to train some paddlers/instructors.
He's the guy offering the Cumberland trip.
He'd like to meet you Andy. He loves paddling in the ocean and would like to talk shop with you about your adventures.
River Wind Kayak or Home base is Neptune Beach for him now.

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