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Epic Demo's Monday Sept. 26th

Post By:knotbob on 9/20/2011 11:46am
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Joe Crespi visited our last meeting and joined the club.
He is an outfitter and kayak guide and he has arranged for Epic to have a demo day here on Monday, September 26th at 9:00am at the boat ramp by River City Brewery on the southbank of the river.
Just passing the info along if any body is interested.

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RE: Epic Demo's Today
Post By: knotbob on 9/26/2011 4:18pm

There was a decent turn out for Epic Kayaks demo this morning. Libby, did you buy an 18x.
They had all of their boats and paddles there plus some shiny new ones still in the wrapper.
Thanks for the invitation Joe.

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