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Jax Is A Bad Place To Paddle, Go Away...

Post By:andy on 7/28/2011 7:20am
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Maybe we "shouldn't" promote kayaking in our area...

(Sarasota) Access to Countyís Great Outdoors May Be Changing

no, go somewhere else, the Jax area is AWFUL for paddling. The horrible white sandy beaches in the very accessable Nassau Sound, the choice of gorgeous islands to paddle around just north of us (GA) or the barrier islands locally, the inland springs not too far away, no, potential new paddlers, you should go to Maine or somewhere else.


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RE: Jax Is A Bad Place To Paddle, Go Away...
Post By: tneiswonger on 7/30/2011 12:52pm

Yea and take your jet skis with you! Beside itís a funny place to paddle, sometimes the water is high and then it gets shallow and then the current goes this way and before you know it, it goes that way, you are much better off paddling somewhere else, don't talk about the sunny skies and warm water, it doesn't happen here, all that is in southern Florida like around Sarasota County.
Thanks Andy for the read.

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