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FS: Current Designs Extreame

Post By:bmeier on 5/26/2009 5:40pm
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For Sale: Current Designs Extreame

Price : $In Message

City: Jacksonville

My Contact Info

Name: Tom Skordas
Phone: 904-285-7305

I canít kayak anymore, so Iím selling my Current Designs Extreme and Aquaterra Chinook kayaks and all the accessories that go with kayaking.
Navy blue upper hull and white lower hull, made of Kevlar
Practically unscratched (only used in open or deep water)
Excellent front and rear hatch covers and strapping system
Very comfortable for long outings
Quite stable despite narrowness of 21.25 inches Ė almost impossible to tip
Rudder and foot pegs keep it straight
Extensive flexible straps on front and back for holding extra gear on deck
Large area behind seat for storage of handy items
Comfortable carrying handles on ends
Matching Harmony large navy blue spray skirt w/storage pocket included.
Kayak front end tie-down clips (rope and bumper/paint protector) included.
Sealine deck storage bag included.
Long, narrow, fast - the Extreme. If you want speed while touring, then the Extreme will suit your needs. The Extreme is a very fast and versatile touring kayak. A shallow "V" hull provides confident stability to a hull that is only 21-1/4" wide. The long slender waterline adds to the efficiency of the hull and gives you an extremely fast open water touring boat. It slices through waves with ease, maneuvers beautifully and allows the paddler to handle adverse conditions with confidence. A unique rudder uphaul/downhaul system makes rudder use a simple matter, giving you greater control and responsiveness. With its carrying capacity and seaworthy design the Extreme can handle expeditions, extended tours, or day trips, with equal ease.
Length: 18'10" Width: 21.25" 47 lbs.
Looks similar to this new model in color and shape : 046034262c048d6306
Phone anytime Ė 904-285-7305
Location Ė Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (near Jacksonville)

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