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FS: Kayak Trailer By Castlecraft

Post By:gbailey on 2/14/2009 1:30pm
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For Sale: Kayak Trailer by Castlecraft

Price : $650.00

City: Ponte Vedra, FL

My Contact Info

Name: Jim Raffini
Phone: 904 824 2908
Email: Me

Trailiex Ultra-Light aluminum kayak trailer by Castlecraft, Inc.
Model SUT-250-M-2.

One year old. Can carry multiple canoes or kayaks. It has epoxy coated leaf springs, giving it a carrying capacity of up to 250 lbs. Since it is made of aluminum, it is maintenance-free in addition to being strong and lightweight. Itís light weight allows towing with a smaller vehicle. The trailer has two center vertical supports for tie down support. The two vertical risers can be positioned at any point along the T bars. It also has a spare tire and tire carrier. According to Castlecraft, aluminum trailers are almost 50% lighter than a steel trailers and will never rust.

I bought this last year to trail my two wooden Chesapeake Light Craft kayaks and a canoe to West Virginia. It trailed so easily, I often forgot that it was attached. I purchased additional hardware to add a storage box, but never got around to getting one. The trailer is in like new conditon. I paid $1055 for it last year and will now sell it for $650. Please email me for more information. I live in South Ponte Vedra. You can get detailed specifications about the trailer on the Castlecraft website click here

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RE: Fs: Kayak Trailer By Castlecraft
Post By: DanielM on 5/6/2009 8:40am

I guess you didn't get my recent email response. Is the trailer still for sale? Thanks, Dan Makley (904) 261 9521

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