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Post By:dpoole on 11/12/2014 1:09pm
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Every once and a while someone brings and inflatable kayak on a paddle. Often they keep up for a while but the detractors of a flexible boat wears them down and they fall behind.

This month Adventure Kayak magazine ran a series of boat reviews on inflatable kayaks and foldable skin on frame boats. See link,

The main article here is an inflatable Hobie design withthe Hobie drive. Note that at $1,700 I don't expect to see many. I'm thinking pedal drive or not its short 9 ft length would be unworkable in the Matanzas washing machine on a weekend. And the parting words from the review they add that it is good in protected waters.

Let the video run and you'll see other reviews. I'm thinking the price likely rises with the reviews. Many of the foldables/inflatables are skin on frame boats which has been a classic design applied to modern materials.

Of particular note they show the ORU kayak. We saw one of these on the Matanzas/Princess Place paddle this fall. Plastic corrigated panels folded up into a large brief case sized package make it interesting. See the link.......

The paddler with the ORU on the paddle reported it was easy to paddle, easy to assemble, and weighed around 26 pounds. He also said it turned in the wind a lot. High sides and light weight usually result in wind vaning. I don't know how he did in the "washing machine" confusion of boat wakes and wind wave on the trip back up the ICW.

I'm thinking these inflatables, skin on frame or oragomy boats might be a nice "play" boat or travel back up, but I'm sticking to my ridid kayaks.

What do you think?

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