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Mosquito Lagoon Trip (Results)

Post By:gbailey on 11/10/2014 3:34pm
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The ML is such a great place to paddle, particularly this time of year. So many dolphins, so many manatees. Lots of small fish around which keeps the dolphins happy. We probably saw 6-7 manatees and 30+ dolphins. Lots of shallow, very clear waters.
Some of the camping islands were occupied, one with 6 canoes and 12-14 paddlers! (Outward Bound group I think). We walked one of the islands next to the "County Line" island and found a large mound of carpenter ants, lots of pits (possibly from palm tree dates) scattered everywhere and purple flowers on the creeping vines. While seated for lunch we watched some of the snow birds "motor boating" and "sailing" south for the winter. The Winter, it's coming this week I heard. Hopefully some of the guys will post some pics from Sat.

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RE: Mosquito Lagoon Trip (Results)
Post By: dpoole on 11/13/2014 6:58am

That Outward Bound program is a good thing. I've know some kids that went there and really made a turn around. Of course listening to all the canoing they did I kinda wanted to go to.

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