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Salt Springs Run: Campground To Lake George (& Bac

Post By:andy on 10/2/2014 1:41pm
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I'll be adding a trip to the Calendar for the 'Friday' of the annual FSKA Meet. (Friday, 10/17/2014)
Either camp the night before (Thursday), or drive up early Friday morning for the paddle:

We will be on water at:
9am - right behind the campsites (no ramp) (I will start here & pass by the following 2 options)
9:05am from the 'sand' ramp, within the campground (you would probably stay night before, unless you can get in the park & ready to paddle by 9)
9:15am from the ramp, outside park - there is a fee
(Salt Springs Run Marina and Landing)
see map for locations of ramps:
(the 'yellow' one is the one within the park, the 'blue' one is the 'Salt Springs Run Marina and Landing' )

total: 9-10 miles (out to Lake George, pet an alligator, then return).

Note: I paddle rain or shine, so don't worry, unless there's the 1st hurricane to hit Salt Springs, I will be there.


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