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It's A Storm, Not A Surf ...

Post By:andy on 9/22/2014 3:21am
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Went out for a little surf play early yesterday morning (the swells built up by Saturdays east blow would be diminishing all day Sunday - NOAA was calling them 4-6, I guess that was about right - the waves were 'well formed' (I was out on Sat also - windy and splashy), didn't seem 'dangerous' on Sunday.
I used my Lendal 'Storm' paddle, that I had picked up in the Spring. A very nice paddle, but I don't particulary like it for 'touring' too much - the blade is a bit larger than I like. But I like it a lot for playing in waves.
One particulary 'biggish' one grabbed me and knocked me over. The underwater hydraulics were a bit much for the paddle shaft strength and snapped it in two. I rolled back up (with one half), and was lucky to find the other half floating right next to me (I say 'lucky', not because I thought there was any chance to repair it, but I don't like leaving sharp objects floating around for some unsuspecting person to grab).
The day before, I brought along a spare paddle, because, by experience, when playing is surf, I know this sort of thing can happen. Sunday, I figured was less risk, so didn't bring one along - so after only an hour of spashing around, this was the end of my paddling day.
It was a beautiful day, though.
Saturday, when I went there (Hanna Park - both days), there was a fairly strong breeze and rain squalls in and out. There was a fairly strong shore 'current', so, in order to avoid 'straying' too far from put in (mindset has to be - if you have to carry back to the car from a crash & burn situation - you don't want to be too far), I had to paddle north (NE) for about 20 minutes, to be pushed back in about 5.

Sunday was warm air & water, clear sunny skies, beautiful breaking waves.
There was a photographer on the beach taking pictures of the contrasting breaking waves against the rising sun.
She did't get any shots of the crazy kayaker 'hobbling' back to shore with half a paddle.

So my Lendal Storm is no more. Don't think I'll get another one.


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RE: It's A Storm, Not A Surf ...
Post By: gbailey on 10/5/2014 10:15am

Aptly named (or not?) paddle, good story Andy. At least you'd have some protection in case one of the Great White's should see you floundering in the foam. Nice picture showing the jagged edges on both pieces of the blade.
Since we recently paddled along the coast in that area and noticed the currents on a perfectly calm day, which way was the current running and from which direction were the swells arriving?

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