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Around L. Talbot - Rescheduled

Post By:andy on 3/23/2014 9:48am
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Hey, there are no paddles on the calendar for the rest of the month - we gotta have something to talk about on the 'April Fools' edition of the FSKA meeting, so I'm going to 'reschedule' the cancelled 'Little Talbot' trip.

* 'intermediate' trip
* start: 7:30am
* 13 miles
* 1/2 of trip ocean paddling
* possible difficult entry at Fort George inlet (will return via Simpson creek if seas too big)

route on: google (click the 'arrow' on Myrtle_13)

See calendar for details.


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RE: Around L. Talbot - Rescheduled
Post By: andy on 3/24/2014 1:40am

forgot to put the date:
This Saturday (3/29),
though you 'Sherlocks' already knew this by deduction:
- start time 7:30
- this would mean high on Simpson at 8:30
- you checked the tide tables - Sat high on Simpson is 8:30

(or you just looked at the Calendar)


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RE: Around L. Talbot - Rescheduled
Post By: andy on 3/29/2014 11:39pm


Hey Bob,
zoom into the north end. (if you zoom in close enough, you'll notice the shark you nearly bumped into (kidding))
you can see where we 1st tried to get out (the quick sand). This would have put us on the east side of the island.
Then we paddled over to the less swampy north end of the island - where there was less surf (on the ocean).
Change the map from 'Google hybrid' to 'World topo (ArcGIS)' to 'USGS topo (MSRMaps)' (and others) to see the various positions that they put 'Bird Island'. (can you see 'White Pelican' island on the aerial map


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