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What Is The Etiquette When Paddling With The Group

Post By:saertker on 1/19/2014 8:56am
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What is the etiquette when paddling with the group?

Is the below the proper etiquette?

There will be a designated leader and a designated sweep. If you plan to paddle ahead of the leader, notify the leader of your intentions. Be aware that you might miss the lunch spot if you do that.

In general the sweep won't let anyone lag behind him/her.

If you're lagging behind to take photos and you feel comfortable, notify the sweep that he/she doesn't need to wait.

If you're lagging behind because your paddling speed is slower than everyone else, then the general rule is that someone needs to paddle with you. Perhaps it will be the sweep. Or if there are two people lagging behind, tell the sweep you're OK with him/her going ahead.

The point is ALWAYS communicate your intentions with the sweep or the leader.

Sometimes I am the slow one and I feel bad if everyone is having to wait for me. Earl and I did buy a tandem so I now have an easier time keeping up. BUT now...sometimes we lag behind to take photos. We do love the camaraderie of the group even if we might lag behind. Of course, we're not going to lag behind if we don't know the way.

I have been a member of the FSKA for many years. I have never been left all alone by myself on a paddle with the FSKA. I appreciate that. THANK YOU!

I have paddled by myself so I guess it would be no big deal if I was left behind as long as I knew the way.

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RE: What Is The Etiquette When Paddling With The Group
Post By: saertker on 1/20/2014 6:11am

I ask because it is fun to meetup with y'all. But it is also fun to wander off. I am wondering if wandering off is considered bad etiquette. This question was motivated by something I heard the other day.

Many people in the club seem so nice. And I want to be nice also but it doesn't seem to come naturally to me. So sometimes I wonder if I have acted inappropriately.

So the simple question is: When going with the group, is it OK to wander off? I understand that at a minimum communication is key

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RE: What Is The Etiquette When Paddling With The Group
Post By: saertker on 1/20/2014 6:15am

I never feel like wandering off in open water. This question is more about a place like Silver River where the water is narrow and it is just up and back. Or perhaps, when e see the destination and we want to head there faster or slower than the group

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RE: What Is The Etiquette When Paddling With The Group
Post By: gbailey on 1/22/2014 6:57pm

I think you have it right in regards to how our group trips work. Paddling with a group is naturally different from paddling alone; there are expectations that come with group paddling, unlike when you paddle alone (no one to argue with either!). Safety is a big difference, maybe the most important one too. An old saying applies: "There is Safety in numbers".

I also agree that there is nothing wrong with breaking away from the group, as long as your intentions are COMMUNICATED. Essentially you could have several small groups paddling in a loose arrangement, with each group assuming the responsibilities that a larger group would offer (lead, sweep, first aid, assisted rescue, etc.).

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