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A_B_I_S - 4 - Fun

Post By:andy on 1/1/2014 11:07am
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The 4th ABIS (2014) will kick off on 2/15 with Little Talbot.
Unbelievably enough, in the past YEAR, I still haven't had a chance yet to scope out 2 new ABIS's I have in mind (either side of Gamb.Rogers) - which would 'fill the gap' between Matanzas and Ponce Inlet.

And again, as these trips (for some unexplainable reason) are not heavily populated, please don't be disuaded from putting your own (much more reasaonble) trips on the same date I have chosen (you wouldn't want the 'crazies' that go on the ABIS trips on yours anyway).

Summary (see the Calendar for details)
ABIS trips:
1) Little Talbot Island (13 miles) (2/15 8AM)
2) Jekyll Island (18 miles) (3/8 6:30AM, WMD* : 3/22 6AM)
3) Amelia Island (32 miles) (4/5 5AM, WMD: 4/12 6AM)
4) Anastasia (AugMat) (34 miles) (5/3 6AM, WMD: 5/10 2AM)
5) MosqDeLeon (my name - MosqLag=>PonceInlet) (38 miles) (6/7 6AM, WMD: 6/21 6AM)
(with portage from ocean to Lagoon at boat ramp - end of A1a in park)
6) Cumberland Island (47 miles) (7/5 6:30AM, WMD: 7/12 6:30AM)

* WMD: Weatherdelayed Makeup Day - I had to find an acronym that the NSA folk could snoop on - we need all the folks we can get on these paddles

ABIS Basics:
* 1/2 IC paddling, 1/2 ocean paddling
* bring 'proper' equip - for conditions (lights - if trip is early or late, food, pain-killers (if you aren't used to long paddling hours), etc.)
* since I'm not a fast paddler, in order to finish in reasonable time - I don't stop, there will be no 'land' stops (maybe for lunch - if there's a good spot to stop)
* 'on water' stops every hour for 5 minutes, meals for 20-30 minutes

routes shown on: google (click on the 'arrow' to the right of the 'track' name to zoom in on the route)


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RE: A_B_I_S - 4 - Fun
Post By: gbailey on 1/1/2014 11:40am

New Year's Resolution (#1): to do all the ABISs with Andy this year. I have already put the first three in my Calendar (and told my team tennis captain I am unavailable on those dates and for my wife to not wait up Wink )

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