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Greg Barton On Kayak Design

Post By:andy on 11/29/2013 7:07am
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When reading one of the 'Aus' forums, I came across a reference to the below youtube of Greg Bartons ideas of kayak design.

(from the Aus forum: )

In a short period of time (about 15mins), I think he does a good job of describing his design (& philosophy).
I haven't searched, but I'd like to see a similar (short) design philosophy by Nigel Dennis or Frank Goodman.

Everyones different.

Maybe Freya can, but some of the stuff I was in off the coast of Australia - without a 'whiterwater' seakayak (I paddled an Explorer 3 times, Arctic Raider once(a Caffyn 'Nordkapp' design) - I don't think I'd have made it.

I like to 'feel' the water - by leaning the boat, up and down in waves - as opposed to cutting through.
I do agree that the 'Brits' have a 'thing' about building heavy (strong) boats.
There is no way I will carry my mid50's Romany from my living room down to launch (about 1/4mile). It's a pleasure with my 28lb Sterling or 24lb Epic (ski).

Rudder v Skeg
No real comment - except for me, VERY 'handyman-wise' challenged - the simpler design, the better. If I was good with repairing things, I think I would go with the rudder, and the skeg takes space.
The 'Arctic Raider' had an aluminum rudder - I carried a spare - and needed it, I bent it about 4 times. Once, on a rough launch, I got flipped a few times - the rudder ended up deployed - and 'frozen' in an offset adjustment. I didn't want to land through the heavy surf again - so had a 'long' day paddling mostly on one side.

Though I'm not a bicycle rider, I might make the comparison of the 'street bike' to the Epic, and the Romany to the 'mountain' bike. Actually, this is a bit extreme, as both are more toward the center. A better compare would probably be the K1 to a racing street bike and a (real) whitewater boat to the mountain bike.

So, I would rather paddle a Romany, that can handle anything, though will be a bit slower on calmer water.

- - -

Now, I'm going to go get my gear ready for a paddle around Little Talbot Island tomorrow.
Anyone nutty enough wanting to join me is welcome, though note that there is a small craft warning in effect until tommorow afternoon - NE 20 knot, 4-6', Fort George Inlet & Nassau Sound might be 'interesting'. I'll be launching at 6AM from Alamacani - for those hundreds of people wanting to join me.
It will not be an EPIC paddle, but instead will be paddling the Romany.


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