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Few Shots Of Tigeri, Cumbi Trip - See Gallery

Post By:andy on 10/20/2013 5:24am
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A beautiful mid October day.
* mossies on Tiger (and a few ticks)
* 'ghost' turtles off Cumberland (Greg kept seeing turtles)
* horses douvers
* paddling against strong current
* NOTE: all greenland paddles (& GLyaks) used on this trip supplied by DrBob Inc (well, maybe not Inc, yet)
details - well, you should have been there


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RE: Few Shots Of Tigeri, Cumbi Trip - See Gallery
Post By: gbailey on 10/22/2013 6:16pm

Nice pics Andy. By the way I have found my camera (again) so I'll be shooting next time too.

Also, I think I know more about those "ghost" turtles. With the military having to downsize (-10% auto cuts), they are moving to downsize many weapons. Hence, many more air deployed Drones. Hence once more, water deployed drones / submarines. It makes perfect sense, with the Kingsland Submarines so close and they know the waters well. Wink

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