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Bioluminescence By John Mcneil

Post By:jmcneil on 9/6/2013 3:36pm
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I experienced something this past weekend that was so amazing I just felt that I had to share with you guys. Kelly and I went to mosquito lagoon at night to look for the bioluminescence that we have heard so much about. I was not sure what to expect but we loaded the tandem kayak and headed to Merritt Island. I decided to put in at the Haulover canal like we have done with the Club in the past. There were two large groups on site, one outfitter said he had 76 people signed up and plastic kayaks were all over the beach. A nearby storm had everyone waiting to see what the weather was going to do, but we snapped the glow sticks and headed out. We paddled east towards the ocean then west...but nothing. Anyway we gave up and decided to load the kayak. We spoke to a guy with one of the groups that suggested another place. It was after 10pm but we decided to go and check it out anyway. We got there expecting to see a few kayakers and such but no one was there, no kayaks or canoes. Was not that optimistic about it at this point but we put in anyway. We didn't get six feet from the launch and Kelly said "look....look... There it is!" I could see the drops from her kayak blade hit the water and immediately light up as if you had broken open a glow stick, I reached out with my paddle and skimmed it across the surface of the water and the entire surface lit lights up glow stick green for almost two seconds. We played around never paddling very far, then we spooked some fish and it looked like shooting stars with streaks of green....then all of a sudden the shooting stars turned onto fireworks! Fish jumping and startling others that startled other, it was amazing.

We tried to get photos but it's not easy to take photos in the dark however we did get a couple, one with the paddle dragging in the water and another with Kelly's hand (posted in photos)

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RE: Bioluminescence By John Mcneil
Post By: andy on 9/10/2013 3:00am

Hi John,
Sounds like a great experience.
I've seen a lot of the 'glowing water' while here in FL, but don't remember seeing anything like you describe (or the pictures). Mostly I see the white, sparkly stuff. I wonder if it's somewhat unique to that area (or conditions in the Mosq. Lagoon).

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RE: Bioluminescence By John Mcneil
Post By: jmcneil on 9/10/2013 4:30pm


When you looked closely at the water you could see little white sparkles, almost looked as if you we're looking at the stars above but when you disturb them they light up in a glow stick green for almost two seconds. In areas where the concentration is not so great, the reaction is not as bright. I have spoken to other people that say they have experienced the same just north of Tampa, South GA, Puerto Rico, and San Diego.... These single cell organisms are found all over the world. I am very surprised that with all the paddling you have done that you have not experienced it.

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