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I'm Shocked, Shocked...

Post By:andy on 5/29/2013 2:06am
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... to find no one has signed up for ABIS 6 - around Cumberland for this Saturday.
Why, it's only a 47 paddle, in the heat of the day (starting well after dawn, ending a little before dusk (maybe)), against a forecasted 15knot wind. Paddling in 5' choppy seas for 25 miles, come on you jellyfish, what's the deal.

Well, actually, I probably won't go either. I'm not comfortable starting at such a 'later' hour (8am, why that's almost lunchtime, isn't it?)

Maybe I'll go for a little 'OTS' paddle or something. [OTS Out to Sea]
I went for an OTS paddle on Sunday. Just before the 14 mile mark (where I'd decided to turn around), I heard a bit of splashing behind me, looked back, just in time to see the splashing, but didn't see the cause of it - until a few seconds later when a hammerhead (the shark - not the 'swimmers' we know) swam up to the kayak. He wasn't 'huge', but not a small one either - I'm guessing about 5'. I 'slapped' the paddle in the water to 'scare' him. It didn't seem to faze him, he 'casually' turned around and swam away.

shocked, shocked


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RE: I'm Shocked, Shocked...
Post By: gbailey on 5/29/2013 7:20pm

Better to be shocked, shocked than bitten bitten? Glad the "little" Hammerhead wasn't hungry.

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