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Bob Joins The Cumberland Club

Post By:andy on 5/12/2013 3:34am
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Wanted to do a round of gulf this weekend out Ponte Vedra way, but heard some other group reserved it for the weekend.

So instead, decided to do a 'round' of Cumberland, starting from the 'golf' of 'St Marys Inlet'.

Bob (aka 'Doc' for those older members of the club (thats FSKA, not the 'Cumberland Club') decided to join me.

On water before 3 (that's AM for those of you who don't know when I usually start), lunch (uh, breakfast?) at 8:30am by the lighthouse north end of Cumberland, and back a little after 3 (yeah, pm).

So, Bob joined the 'Cumberland Club' yesterday. Congrats, hope you can move around comfortably today.
Membership dues: 47 miles (in one day)
pre-entrance fees: at least a couple trips of over 30 miles.

There's an 'official' FSKA Cumberland trip next month (ABIS-6) if you're thinking of joining the very-old, time-tested, world famous 'Cumberland Club' (that I just made up).

I think Bob is now ready for: The 'CumberMelia Figure 8' (dues: if you have to ask - you can't afford it)


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RE: Bob Joins The Cumberland Club
Post By: gbailey on 5/12/2013 6:24am

Great job Bob and good write-up Andy. Does Bob earn a FSKA / Cumberland Club hat too for his exploits? If the answer is yes then it might encourage others to do the same (I'd paddle anywhere for one of those!).

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