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Update 03/06/13

Post By:chrisnaff on 3/6/2013 2:53pm
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Hey Everyone!

First of sorry for being MIA lately. I've been really busy with things going on in my personal life. So hopefully now that things have settled down a little I can get back in the kayak more!

Look out for more trips being posted daily to the calender as the weather is hopefully getting better!

Happy Paddling
FSKA President
I just wanted to update you on a few things that are going on with the club and the website.

First, you will notice that I started to post some trainings that are available for a fee. These will be posted on the calender for now until we get a seperate area for them. They will be labled with a $ before the title so you know before hand that there is a fee associated with this class.
I'm not selecting or posting just one outfitter or teacher, just the training classes/certifcations that I know about in the area. So if anyone knows of instruction, either free or paid, please email me the information and I will gladly put it on the calender (

As the weather gets nicer I will also be doing some "Club" training once a month for anyone who might want to join. This training would be free to any up to date paying members. Please check the calendar for further information.

Meeting Location
We discused a little bit about moving our meeting location to the newly opened REI in St Johns Town Center. I'm going to look at their meeting space sometime this month to see if it might fit our needs. So for now the April meeting will be held at the usual spot. If you have any input on meeting location please contact me at to express your concern.

River City Challenge
This year's River City Challenge will be held on April 27th starting at 8am. I'm assuming that this year they will want our help with assisting people out of kayaks and managing the launch/landing area. So if you aren't racing please let me know, we are looking for a list of people willing to help with this task. Check out for more information on the race.

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