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Abis_3 - 3rd Time's The Charm, Or..

Post By:andy on 2/8/2013 11:06am
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...3 strikes, your out.
- - -
The ABIS (appropriately pronounced 'abyss') - Around Barrier Island Series:

A whole year as gone by and I haven't tried out a couple of new 'loops' down around GambleRogers (suggested by Glen). Maybe on next years agenda.

ABIS goes a bit early (starts) this year, only dedicated need apply.

NOTE: If you're planning to put a trip on the calendar for the same date as the ones I've picked - DON'T change your plans, the ABIS trips are not typically heavily 'populated'.

Summary (see the Calendar (coming soon) for details)
ABIS trips:
1) Little Talbot Island (13 miles) (2/23 7AM)
2) Jekyll Island (18 miles) (3/16 9AM)
3) Amelia Island (32 miles) (3/30 5AM)
4) Anastasia (AugMat) BI (34 miles) (4/27 4AM)
5) MosqDeLeon (my name - MosqLag=>PonceInlet) (38 miles) (5/18 5AM)
(with portage from ocean to Lagoon at boat ramp - end of A1a in park)
6) Cumberland Island (47 miles) (6/18 8AM)
7) JaxAug BI (my name - Jacksonville->StAug barrier island) (77 miles) (TBD)

ABIS Basics:
* 1/2 IC paddling, 1/2 ocean paddling
* bring 'proper' equip - for conditions (lights - if trip is early or late, food, pain-killers (if you aren't used to long paddling hours), etc.)
* since I'm not a fast paddler, in order to finish in reasonable time - I don't stop, there will be no 'land' stops (maybe for lunch - if there's a good spot to stop)
* 'on water' stops every hour for 5 minutes, meals for 20-30 minutes

routes shown on: google


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RE: Abis_3 - 3rd Time's The Charm, Or..
Post By: andy on 2/10/2013 8:59am

Correction to ABIS_6, Cumberland.
The date should 6/1, not 6/18 (I heard it was going to be too windy on 6/18)
(the Calendar is correct)


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RE: Change Of Date For 'amelia Island'.
Post By: andy on 2/28/2013 1:27pm

Change of date for 'Amelia Island'.
Currently scheduled for 3/30, however, I've changed my mind on the direction. As it is, we'd have to paddle through the surf exiting Nassau Sound in the dark (5am start).
Instead, I've moved it to the following week - Sat., 4/6. Same start time (5AM), but going in other direction (IC piece first).
(also, the weekend of 3/30 is Easter weekend)

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