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Anybody There?

Post By:lgordon on 1/5/2013 5:20pm
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RE: Anybody There?
Post By: gbianchi on 1/6/2013 8:58am

I'm here. Just returned from a great trip to the 10,000 Islands.

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RE: Anybody There?
Post By: andy on 1/9/2013 6:41am

maybe, although, like Gus, we're probably just out paddling.

missed you at the meeting last night, Gus told us about his NYE trip to LuLu(paradise-south), Bruce talked of the great features of the V10 Sport, Libby wants one, Jack finally got his payment from me for the Cumberland Park fee (Gregs trip - back in Oct.).

BTW, we may want to either reschedule or move the location of next months meeting.
The IHOP manager (I think), mentioned to us that the 1st Tues next month is 'Pancake Day', and they are expecting large crowds - and that we should call to confirm if we needed the room that day.

Before the 'abismal' trips start in the spring, we should take advantage of the absense of the 'fair weather' folk on the inland 'springs' this winter. Bruce was talking about a trip on the Ichetucknee - 'chili run', but didn't want to schedule 'cause thought Greg might be doing this one.


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