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Sterling Kayaks Burns Down

Post By:andy on 11/29/2012 4:00am
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Late last winter I purchased a 29lb Sterling kayak (out of Bellingham, WA). It is now my 'Cumberland' boat (my monthly paddle around). I can load it up with all gear while on the car, then carry to water (one trip, no fuss, no muss).
It handles excellently. Though I haven't been in 'severe' conditions, I would feel comfortable in just about anything in this boat (again, though he assured it was as strong as a heavier boat - I will not use it to play in 'heavy' surf).

Sterling Donalson at the 'West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium'

I hope he gets back up and going, though I imagine he lost a lot in the fire (moulds, etc).
I would (will) buy another one.


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