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Dangling Without A Rope - A 'non' Book Report

Post By:andy on 11/18/2012 11:54am
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I'm afraid I'm not much of a writer. If I were I would write a very interesting book review of 'Dangling Without a Rope'.
BTW - the link goes to Amazon, but if you want it, it's in our library - or should be, I just finished reading it, and will get it back to the librarian the next meeting I am there and he is there, hmm.
If you really want it (and I think you would), click the link or get a signed copy from Bobbe (if you can find her - she may be lurking around in Jax somewhere).

'Redline' has different meanings, but think of the 'tachometer' definition for my use:
In my trips, I think I've done some things that may have been a bit risky, but I've always kept my 'adventures' below the redline.
Each of the stories in Bobbe's book are well above the redline.

I wish I'd read the book before she paddled with us at the October FSKA yearly meet, I'd have all sorts of questions.

Maybe she'll join us on the next Silver River trip (this winter sometime Larry?). They aren't 'Howler's, but those curious faces in the trees looking down at us are monkeys.


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