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The Altamaha River Trip Report

Post By:gbailey on 5/22/2012 6:53pm
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Had an interesting trip - here is what you missed:

2 hours and 5 minutes out to sea, calm river with slight NE breeze. Pleasant 2 hours walking along Wolf Island with stronger winds blowing on shore, lots of shells and high water mark at the top of the sand dunes. Watched dolphins feed along the shoreline but saw only a few leaping Sturgeon, although one jumped 10 feet in front of Andy on our return. We paddled further out to the sand spits that jut out into the ocean, waiting for the incoming tidal surge to appear.

Around 2:30 the tide turned and along with the increased winds (15-20 from our stern) we surfed for 30 minutes back to the ICW (lots of 2-3 footers)
,startled several sharks, possibly Black Tip sharks, in the shallow waters on our return.

Watched half a dozen alligators slide back into the water from the riverbanks
- made it back in 2 hours 15 minutes
- round trip distance of 22 miles
- temperatures in the 70s all day, perfect weather

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