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Keep Your Camera Lens Clean

Post By:andy on 4/2/2012 5:57am
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I did an experiment on yesterdays paddle (abis_4), and kept my camera out the whole time.
I did take a lot more pictures (accessable), but throughout the trip it 'accumulated' water spots on the lens - which is very apparant in many of the later shots.
Any suggestions to keep the lens clean easily (without putting camera away)?

BTW, for those interested (all 5 of us paddling), the 'tracks' of the trip are up on google (the reason for the many 'segments' is because the gps lost the satelite - to see where we started from, click the 'arrow' of the 1st 'segment' to zoom into the Vilano ramp), and pictures (with waterspots in pictures) in photo section.


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