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Ocean Currents

Post By:andy on 3/16/2012 3:26am
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saw this on a 'kayaking' blog:

Incredible Video Visualizes the Earth’s Ocean Currents

'Our' gulf stream is obvious. (the beginning of the video)
You folks who have paddled down near Miami - have you noticeably encountered it?

In Aus., the 'eastern australian current' (end of the video) is well known (there), I encountered it (against me) all 4 times I paddled there (where it came in close to shore).


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RE: Ocean Currents
Post By: gbailey on 4/4/2012 6:55pm

Pretty cool stuff!
I wonder how many of the current loops were associated with Low Pressure (counter clock-wise rotation) and High Pressure (clock-wise rotation) systems?
Regarding the Gulf Stream, I've heard often how it must be considered when making the passage over to the Bahamas.

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